Yoga Teacher Training JohannesburgYoga Teacher Training JohannesburgYoga Teacher Training JohannesburgYoga Teacher Training Johannesburg

Yoga Teacher Training

Teachers are selected from among the yoga school’s already experienced students, and then receive two years of “hands on” training in a scientifically designed curriculum advocated by our parent body, the Divine Life Society of India.

The Yoga Center will train those of its own members who have already progressed in the School's own ranks, on the Yoga Centre's own premises, and the School will issue teachers certificates to those among them who have also proved their emotional maturity, commitment and constancy. The School's leaders rely on their own assessments, in which recommendations, training and experience gained elsewhere are not taken into consideration.

This policy, which is non-negotiable, is designed to, among other things:-

a)Maintain standards and protect the image of Yoga in its true and original form;
b)Conserve our energy by devoting our time and efforts only to those devotees whose Yoga is purely a spiritual science.


Every teacher and prospective teacher must be thoroughly conversant with the Sivananda Yoga Centre's pamphlet 'True to Yoga'.

Prospective teachers are recruited from among our regularly attending satsangis. Gaining understanding of Yoga's traditional background of Hindu religion and philosophy is an indispensable prerequisite and component of teachers' training.


Candidates must be confirmed vegetarians, non-smokers and abstainers from non-medicinal use of drugs, and promise to remain so for life.

Teacher training includes teaching Hatha at the Sivananda Yoga Centre for two years - the duration of the teachers' training course. Neither trainees nor qualified teachers may teach Yoga elsewhere while teaching for the Sivananda School of Yoga.


Teachers must reasonably be available and helpful.

We also require consistent reliability. We soon remove from teacher training, and from teaching, any teacher who, for whatever reason, has to swop or reschedule teaching duties too frequently.

Non-teaching duties

Faithful execution of the clerical and other non-teaching duties set out in the "Yoga Teachers' Manual" and "Instructions to Teachers re Security of the Ashram" are as much required of teachers and trainees as their teaching. Every teacher must abide by these instructions to the letter, and carry out every detail of every duty therein.

Non-teaching duties include - locking the ashram etc. as instructed; abiding by the Yoga Teachers' Manual; receiving & recording fees for classes; keeping members informed of events; serving as a satsang assistant; co-operating as requested.

Presentation of Teachers' Certificates

Ability to teach asanas, pranayama, etc. is not enough to make a Hatha Yogi. True qualification to teach Hatha is a quality not only of the mind and body, but also of morality and ethics, which are soul qualities for which the leaders of the Yoga School are watchful. To ensure that the Yoga School has not been used cynically, issue of the Yoga School's Teacher's Certificate is not guaranteed to all who have been acknowledged as competent to teach asanas, and is postponed until the newly qualified teacher has served faithfully and continued to attend satsang at the Yoga Centre for a year after qualifying.

Yoga Teacher Training Johannesburg

Yoga Teacher Training Johannesburg

Yoga Teacher Training Johannesburg